Car Rental


Dodge Caravan 7-seat for rent to tenants


Per day = € 30

Per week = € 180 

Per month = € 650

Additional month = € 350

How do I pay?

You pay when you receive this contract.

To Account: ES89 0128 0632 4401 6005 3287

Where / how do I get the car?

The car is stationed at Alicante Airport.

FeriehusiSpania will notify Bernies Car Parking with details of arrival / departure at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise a fee of € 18 will be charged.

We will always inform Bernies Car Park about your expected arrival and departure times and that the car will be returned to the parking garage well in advance of departure time. If you become aware of any delays or your plans change, please let them know via Whats App or SMS.

Upon arrival at Alicante Airport, you enter the Departure Hall, Level 2, from there over the walkway to the parking garage and from there take the elevator up to floor 5.There the car will be in section 5A, closest to the airport.

You will find the key on top of the front wheel on the left side.

In the glove compartment you will find all the papers of the car, as well as a "Norwegian-speaking" GPS.Choose a pre-programmed address on the one that says Calle Papaya, or enter the address where you are going.

At the end of the rental period, the car must be returned to the airport parking garage, Level 5A. Lock the car with the keys inside.

Please inform at least 48 hours in advance, preferably by mail, otherwise you will be charged a fee of € 18.

Bernies Car Parking0034/680 77 69 71

Apart from a few minor scratches, which we are aware of, the car should be in good condition and cleaned inside and out.

It should also have a full fuel tank, and when returning the car it should be returned with a full tank, or equivalent to what it had at arrival.

We trust that you take good care of the car and immediately notify us, or Bernie's CarPark, if any problems arise.


In Spain, it is the car and not the driver that is insured, even though all drivers must be over 25 and have had a valid Norwegian driver's license for 2 years or more.

Towing in Spain is NOT allowed.

The insurance and registration documents must be kept in the glove compartment and should not be removed.When using the car, you should always have your passport and driver's license with you. As well as this contract.The yellow vest and warning triangle stored in the car are a mandatory requirement to be used / put on in case of an accident or breakdown. These should also not be removed.

Any traffic fines you incur are your responsibility.Damage to tires, such as punctures, etc., and damaged glassware, ie lights and windshields, is your responsibility. This is the same as you would find in a formal lease.

If you lose the car key, call Bernies Car Park which has a spare key, but if this happens, we expect you to buy a new remote controlled key from an authorized Dodge dealer. This will cost around 150 euros.

Also, note that the car will automatically lock after a certain amount of time, so NEVER leave the keys in the car and close the doors.

In case of an accident: DO NOT admit responsibility or blame.

Get complete information about the parties involved, and witnesses, fill out an accident report / claim form that is filed with the policy documents or alternatively provided by our insurance company. Accident report forms are kept in the car.

Inform the police immediately if another party's fault is to be determined or people are injured.

Failure to do so will invalidate our insurance coverage

Do not leave the car without adequate safety measures.

Immediately call our 96 571 9700 insurance broker for further guidance.

In the event of a mechanical accident, call the salvage company on their 24 hour helpline and make sure the car is towed to our garage.

In the event of an unforeseen mechanical breakdown, we will refund you proportionately for time spent without our car, but you will have to arrange, at your own expense, to rent a new car if you need one.

Please have the "Emergency Card" with you at all times, as this has all the relevant phone numbers you may need.

We will issue a formal lease for the use of the car, and will take a deposit of € 300, which corresponds to our deductible on the hull insurance in case of any damage. This will be returned in full if no damage has occurred during the rental period.The cost of repairing any self damage, scratches or dents must be covered by the tenant.