Rent out your dwelling



We primarily engage in rental housing.

What are we doing?

Advertising via the internet, with affiliates and newspaper advertising. Sends order confirmation, receives tenant and check payment, supervision during the tenancy, delivery of keys, check on departure etc.

We offer inspection of your accommodation / apartmentYour assurance that your home will be taken care of when you are not in Spain yourself. We carry out inspections / inspections every 14 days.Overhaul during the rental period of your residence / apartment.

Your assurance that your property will be taken care of during the rental period.

The accommodation You will rent out must have a good standard, be fully furnished and equipped with a minimum of: Duvets and pillows, sheets and towels, vacuum cleaner, washing equipment, Fully equipped kitchen, TV, stoves for heating the home.

As the owner of the dwelling you can dispose of your dwelling whenever you want, but you must book it well in advance. Optionally reserve it until date of use is booked.If this is not done, I can rent it out according to the contract without having to confront you with the dates requested.